Support, training, and troubleshooting tips.

Training videos

Getting Started Using The TBM Performance App
How to get started using all POH Performance Apps using the TBM Performance App to demonstrate.
  • Using Help, Tips and Field information
  • Setting up an aircraft
  • Using the Quick Setup page
  • Using the Flight Performance page
  • Using the Trips page
  • Emailing results
  • Setting up Cloud Sync
  • Setting up runway safety factors
  • Setting up display units
  • Choosing input mechanisms
  • Sending trouble reports
Using Procedures In The TBM Performance App
Using the advanced electronic checklist in TBM Performance
  • Setting up a custom circuit breaker panel
  • Finding breaker information and location
  • Finding bus information
  • Using procedure categories on the Procedures Page
  • Using hyper-linked procedures
  • Using embedded calculators in procedures
  • Using decision trees
  • Showing an amplified procedure
  • Memory items
  • Using the procedure placeholder
  • Enabling spoken checklists
  • Moving through procedures
  • Handling a GEAR UNSAFE CAS warning
  • Finding breaker location from the procedure
  • Using the Glide Distance page, oxygen calculator, and glide IAS
  • Using Memory Items flashcard page
Using Weight and Balance in the Kodiak Performance App
Defining Aircraft seat configurations and using the Weight and Balance page in Kodiak Performance
  • Defining the empty weight seating configuration
  • Defining current seating configurations
  • Using the Weight and Balance "Station" view
  • Using the Weight and Balance "Manifest" view
  • Using the Crew and Passenger database
  • Defining cabin cargo group weights and arms


All POH Performance apps have an extensive Help facility. Press the Help button in the upper right. Often you'll find an answer there. It's also a good place to find out all the capabilities of a page. Some data field labels have a symbol which indicates that touching the label will bring up information for that specific field. You may occasionally see a popup with a tip when you open a page. You can find all the tips for a page in Help.

If you still need questions answered please email us at

Trouble reports

If you find a bug, it's helpful to submit a trouble report. This not only tells which of the apps you are using it also sends the internal state of the app so we can see if the problem is unique to your setup. To send a trouble report, go to the Settings page and hit the "Send" button for the trouble report field. This will bring up an email with the To address filled with the internal state. Please be sure to add a problem description at the top.