C172 Performance

For Cessna 172S, 172R, 172P, 172N, 172M, 172I, 172H, and original 172 aircraft.


  • CG path
  • Maximum fuel load
  • Runway ground rolls and obstacle clearance with safety factor
  • Best runway with current METAR
  • Obstacle, widespread IFR, and nearest VFR warnings
  • Enroute fuel, time, reserve diagram
  • Reserve for alternate
  • Built-in global airport database


  • Climb rates and gradients with and without wind
  • OEI climb rates and gradients with and without wind
  • Cold temperature altitude adjustment
  • Minimum visual descent point
  • Hold fuel vs time
  • Hold entry computer


  • OEI ceiling, range and drift-down with wind
  • Glide range with wind


  • Designed for phones, tablets, or computers
  • Cloud device synchronization and automated backup
  • U.S. and metric units
  • Save pre-defined trips and aircraft
  • Tailored numeric input mechanisms
  • Risk analysis

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