Welcome to pohperformance.com

pohperformance.com is dedicated to a set of open source application that provide performance calculations for various aircraft models. Currently, there are applications for the following aircraft types:

Just click on one of the above links to start the application in your browser. That's it! No buying, no downloading. Save the URL in your favorites to invoke later.

The apps run on many different browsers and on many different platforms, including:

Unlike ordinary web pages, the applications are functional even when disconnected from the Internet, though some features that require Internet data may be unavailable.

Some of the applications also have free native versions, if you prefer downloading:

On iPhone/iPad/iPod:

On Android 4+:

Using a POH Performance app

The first time you access a POH Performance app using your platform and browser of choice or the native app, you must acknowledge the Terms of Use. The application will not function until you do so. If you are using a personal device, be sure to check the checkbox that indicates you are the only user, so that you will not have to acknowledge the TOU each time to start the application.

The app is organized in a series of pages, accessed through tabs (or an index page on smart phones). Each page contains information relevant to a phase of flight, such as Departure, Enroute, or Approach Procedures. There's a tab for "More" pages, that contains other relevant information, including Settings and Aircraft data. Be sure to set up your aircraft's information, before using the performance data. The app will display a warning on each page if the default aircraft settings are used.

Values you enter are stored locally in your browser or in the native app. These settings will be reestablished the next time you use the app.

Offline Use with Browsers

If you access the app with your browser (IE9+, Safari, Android, and others), you should be able to view the app while not connected to the Internet after the page has been loaded once. When the browser detects that a new version is available you will see a popup that tells you it's loading tho new version.

iPhone and iPad users need to do a few more steps to enable offline use with the embedded Safari browser. Once the page is loaded for the first time in the Safari Web Browser, add the page to the Home Screen (use the forward icon at the bottom of the screen in iPhone or the top of the screen in iPad). Use the home screen icon at least once while still connected to load the app into the devices memory. The home screen icon will then be available offline; the page in Safari will not.

Cloud Sync

A unique feature of POH Performance apps is "Cloud Sync". Cloud Sync sends all saved input values to the "cloud" (a server on the internet). This provides backup should you lose a device or it becomes corrupt, but it also allow you to synchronize the settings between devices. For example, you can flight plan on your Mac or PC desktop using a browser, then the results will transfer to your tablet or phone that uses a netive app. You can enable Cloud Sync by entering an email address and Cloud Sync ID in the More->Settings page. See the Help section for tips for shossing these values.


Please send feedback to info@pohperformance.com. All comments are welcome, but comments that contain the positive or negative results of running some gnarly problems and checking them against the aircraft's POH would be especially welcome.


The source code is available on Sourceforge. The code is free to use or reuse, but you must comply with the Terms of Use. If you'd like to develop other aircraft models and make them available through the same Sourceforge area, please send mail to info@pohperformance.com.