Welcome to POH Performance, LLC

POH Performance, LLC is dedicated to a set of free and open source aircraft performance calculator Apps for several aircraft types. The Apps capture the information in several sections of the POH in a dynamic and easy to use form that is useful both pre-flight and in-flight.

The following Apps are available:

Bonanza Performance
Beechcraft Bonanza (All 36 series models: G36, A36, A36TC, B36TC, 36), with tip tank and turbonormalizer options
C172 Performance
Cessna 172 (172N, 172P, and 172S models)
TBM Performance
Daher (Socata) TBM (700, 850, 900, 910 and 930 models)
Baron Performance (coming soon)
Beechcraft Baron

Getting an App for your device

The Apps are available for iOS (10+) and Android (KitKat/4.4+) devices or as a WebApp that runs on any popular modern browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, Edge, and others) on any internet device (smart phones, tablets, PC, Mac or Chromebook). The native versions are available in the Apple App Store or Google Play:

Bonanza Performance iOS Android Web
C172 Performance iOS Android Web
TBM Performance iOS Android Web

If you access the the web version of the App with your browser (IE9+, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and others), you should be able to use the App in flight (i.e. disconnected) after the page has been loaded once. On mobile devices, save the page as a home page icon (this is required for offline use on iOS). In this form it is nearly indistinguishable from the native Apps. Use this on unsupported devices like Blackberry, Windows Phone, or older Android devices.

General usage

The Apps should be used in conjunction with other tools such as ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, FlyQ EFB, fltplan.com, and enflight, that provide route planning, mapping, weather, instrument procedures, winds aloft, flight briefing, flight plan filing, etc. For example, to plan a trip in your Bonanza you might use ForeFlight to plan your route and get an average head or tailwind, and then use Bonanza Performance to check ODP climb performance, weight limits, and CG, and compute takeoff distance, landing distance, time enroute, fuel usage, and fuel reserves. During the flight you can use the Bonanza Performance app to check cruise speeds and fuel consumption, compute hold entries and visual descent points, and when you have the destination ATIS, compute approach speeds and landing distance. Lastly, should the engine fail in flight, you can use the glide distance calculator to see if you can make that airport ahead even with this headwind.

If you enable Cloud Sync (see below) you can plan on your desktop using the web version and transfer the results to your mobile device when the app is started there.


The Apps have an extensive list of features:

Getting started

The first time you open a POH Performance App you must acknowledge the End User License Agreement. The App will not function until you do so. If you are using a personal device, be sure to check the checkbox that indicates you are the only user so that you will not have to acknowledge the agreement each time to start the App.

The App is organized in a series of pages, accessed through tabs (or an index page on smart phones). Each page contains information relevant to a phase of flight, such as Departure, Enroute, or Approach Procedures. There's a tab for "More" pages, that contains other relevant information, including Settings and Aircraft data. Be sure to set up your aircraft's information before using the performance data. The App will display a warning on each page if the default aircraft settings are used. Values you enter are stored locally and will be reestablished the next time you use the App.

Cloud Sync, backup and restore

A unique feature of the POH Performance Apps is "Cloud Sync". Cloud Sync sends all saved input values to the "cloud" (a server on the internet). This provides backup should you lose a device or it becomes corrupt, but it also allows you to synchronize the settings between devices. For example, you can flight plan on your Mac or PC desktop using a browser, and the results will transfer to your mobile device when the App is started there. You can enable Cloud Sync by entering an email address and Cloud Sync ID in the More->Settings page. See the Help section for tips for choosing these values.

Cloud Sync also includes a backup and restore mechanism. After you set up Cloud Sync it will automatically make a copy of your old settings whenever it is more than a day old and you start the App. Up to four old copies are retained, and you may restore from any of these if your current settings become corrupt. Alternatively, you may email yourself a copy of the settings using the Email backup button on the Settings page. You can restore the settings using the Email restore button and pasting the contents of the email, into the text area. Please use one of these mechanisms if you have entered Trips or Aircraft data.


The long term goal of this project is to explore what a 21st-century POH might look like.


Please send feedback to info@pohperformance.com. All comments are welcome, but comments that contain the positive or negative results of running some gnarly problems and checking them against the aircraft's POH would be especially welcome.


The source code is available on Sourceforge. The code is free to use or reuse, but you must comply with the End User License Agreement. The App is mostly written in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. It uses the Cordova/PhoneGap infrastructure to package the code as a native app. There is extensive documentation available in the README.html file. If you'd like to develop other aircraft models and make them available through the same Sourceforge area, please send mail to info@pohperformance.com.